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body posession (2021)

2ch video / 15min

production date 2021.03

pose collective: Jang-Chi, Nao Usami, Sijia Luo, Takahiro Ueno, Yuni Hong Charpe

Can we be sure we possess our own bodies? We cannot control our bodies when these are invaded by viruses and bacteria, when these are shaking, when we have bad period pain, and when we get pregnant. We created instructions based on our experiences that our bodies are 'possessed' by others. We may also lose possession of our bodies in the social situation. In the Covid-19 pandemic, our activities have been restricted by 'self-restraint'. We performed in different locations following the instructions. It's performed both online and offline, zoom meeting and in front of a crowded station.


photography by OTSUKA Keita

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