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Fuchimori will be screening at 21 Islands Short Film Fest 2023

Fuchimori will be screening at the 7th Edition of its 21 Islands International Short Film Fest as a FREE ONLINE STREAMING event, February 1-12, 2023. The festival features short films from ISLAND nations, ISLANDS states, ISLAND cities and ISLAND territories around the world. Fuchimori will be showcased in the Group 3.

Fuchimori (video, 13min, 2021)

A short documentary about Fuchimori, a small forest in a city in Japan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a filmmaker moved to the city from Scotland. He finds a folk tale about the forest where is regarded as the place of no return and a gate to another timeline. The old tale triggered him to remember the scenery in Scotland.


screening date

1-12 February 2023




Group 3



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